Why Integrate your Lead Ads to CRM?

A lead is 7X more likely to convert than if contact after an hour, and 60X more likely than if contacted within 24 hours. This is why real time leads are critical for high quality leads and sales.

Typically leads generated from lead ads need to be manually downloaded, every few hours, from Facebook. BUT with meedee8 LeadSMART, leads from lead ads are driven directly to the customer care / sales team in real time. This can be done through any CRM system in any call centre making sure that leads are delivered automatically in real time. 

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How to Integrate meedee8 LeadSMART

meedee8 LeadSMART allows for setting up of any type of CRM/Call Center Integration through its highly dynamic webservice module. The module accepts REST, SOAP and XML webservices as well as email service. You then simply map your Lead Ads Form Fields to the matching parameters of your CRM.
*Coming soon: Integration templates - predefined integration to the most popular CRM systems

Creating an integration

CRM webservice details can be added either in Step 3 of the create flow or the webservice module under Manage Campaigns section after selecting an Ad Account.

Create Flow:

  • Select Lead Generation as an Objective in Step 2
  • Step 3 – Select you Fan Page
  • Select an existing from from the forms dropdown or create your lead Form by clicking on Create Form
  • Click on Subscribe Page to subscribe your Fan Page the real time API push of each lead
  • A from appears to fill in your webservice details and map your webservice parameters to your Facebook Form Fields (selected/created in above steps). You are able to complete parameters including Webservice type (SOAP, REST, XML or Email), webservice URL, query string parameters or authentication details. See screenshot below:

Once completed you can then map your webservice parameters with Facebook Form Parameters of the form selected/created in above steps:

Managing integrations

From View Campaigns you will now have a new tab called Services. You will be able to view all CRM integrations you have added for that client. CRM Integrations sit on account level and each account can have multiple.

From the Services tab you will be able to add and edit webservices or email service details for your client's CRM:

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