The purpose of the client object in meedee8 is to group together Ad Accounts and users. Grouping multiple Ad Accounts for a certain client is advantageous for reporting purposes e.g. if you are an FMCG company with multiple brands, or an agency with multiple clients. You are then able to assign users to specific clients giving you control over which users in your organisation can access which clients.

To manage client - in the top menu click Admin->Add Client:

Managing Clients

Here you will have a table of all your clients. The columns and properties of a client include:

  • Client Name: Clicking here will take you to the screen to see users associated with this client
  • Client Type: Agency or Client - this is used for reporting purposes
  • Access type: This indicates whether the client is self serve or managed and would use the correct token¬†
  • Status: you can deactivate a client
  • User count: see how many users are within each¬†
  • edit/delete: allows you to edit the properties of a client or delete it

Adding a client

Click on "Add Client" blue button on top right of the clients grid. This will open a dialog with the following options:

  • Client Name: enter the name of the client
  • Use logo in report: if you browse and upload a client logo, all meedee8 logo in all exportable reports will be replaced with this client logo
  • is Agency: tick if you client is an agency - allows this client to create a hierarchy of clients of their own
  • Is Managed: tick if your client is a managed as opposed to self serve

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