meedee8 connects to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by Authenticating with each. After authentication you have the ability to link specific Ad Accounts to work with meedee8. You also have the ability to manage existing linked Ad Accounts. 

Ad Accounts are associated with a Client object (more on clients - Users in your organisation can get access to Ad Accounts you pull in through the client they belong to.

To manage Ad Accounts - in the top menu click Admin->Manage Accounts:

Managing Ad Accounts

The Manage Account section includes a table of all Facebook and Twitter Ad Accounts you have previously linked to meedee8. The columns include:

  • Account Name - the account you pulled in previously
  • Client Name - the meedee8 client object you associated with this account. You can associate many clients to an add account by clicking edit
  • User name - name of the meedee8 user who pulled in the account
  • Token status - indicating if the token associated with this account is active. If not you cannot manage any component of the ad account and campaigns
  • Industry Vertical - the vertical associated with this account 
  • Edit - click this to edit any of the above properties of this account

Adding Ad Accounts

On the Manage Accounts screen, click on Add Accounts blue drop down in the top right of the screen. This will popup a dialog where you can select your Ad Account. (Ad Accounts are pulled from your Business Manager, or Twitter Profile, linked through the authentication process when registering):

  • Ad Accounts - Select the Ad Account you want to link from the dropdown list. 
  • AccountID and Account Name - will be pre-filled. You can edit the Account Name if you want to change the suggestion. 
  • Client - type in your company, or any Client you have added before ( where you will see a suggestion box of the name - please click it. 
  • Industry Verticals - Select a suitable vertical i.e. vertical for this account

After clicking Add, the ad account may take some time to pull in. The warning message warns about this so after click OK on the warning message please leave this to run for several minutes.

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