You can have as many users from your organisation on meedee8. Each user needs to be authenticated with Facebook. We use each user's Business Manager access to Ad Accounts and Fan Pages to as the level of access in meedee8.

Each user needs to be created under a client (More on Clients: Initially there will be only one client, your business. If you decide to create multiple clients you can create users under each giving them access only to accounts associated to that client. E.g. if you are any agency and you have campaign managers working on specific accounts only, this is the way to give them the access and focus to those accounts only. As an agency you can also create users for your clients, and specify permissions to reporting and dashboard only. 

A user can have multiple permissions and functional access to different parts of meedee8. This is detailed below under Edit Users.

To manage users click Admin->Manage Clients/Users. Then click on the client in the first column to see all users.

Manage Users

The manage users sections contains details of users of the selected client including Name, Surname, Email, Contact Number of each user as well as buttons to Edit, Delete and Reset Password.

Reseting User Passwords

You can reset a user's passwords by clicking on Reset Password. A dialog will appear where you can enter the user's new password as well confirm it in the confirm password field. 

Add Users

You can add a new user either by navigating top menu Admin->Add User, or clicking Add User blue button top right in manage users screen.

Fill in the necessary fields for the new user:

  • Email - current user's email (does NOT need to be your Facebook email)
  • Password - password required to be min 8 characters including alphanumeric and characters
  • User Name - best practice for usernames is name.surname
  • First Name, Last Name, Phone No. - enter the users identifyable details
  • Timezone - enter the timezone the user is working at. This will affect the start and end times selected when creating campaigns
  • Select Client - select the client you want this user to fall under. 
  • Select Role - select between Admin and User. User role will not be able to edit other users
  • Permissions - each of the permissions give access to different functionalities within meedee8

Edit Users

Click on user's Name or Edit button to navigate to the edit user page. The fields on this page are same as Add Users section above, prefilled with selected user's details. You can edit any field or permissions, and click Submit to save

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