Tiered Targeting

Facebook allows you to segment your target market and target these specific homogeneous groups via dedicated ad sets. An ad set has its own budget, validity, target audience, placement and bidding, together with its own set of ads. 

Consider utilising a three-tiered campaign structure based on the below:

  • Tier 1 – High value user segments. These can include your existing customer base – if the vertical you operate in sees repeat business, and could also include, for example, remarketing to Website Custom Audiences (WCA)
  • Tier 2 – These can include fan based connection targeting and 1% – 3% Lookalike Audiences of high value tier 1 users
  • Tier 3 – Core interest based targeting

Tiered campaign targeting allows you to leverage the most from those who know you or already have a connection with you.

When determining the number of tiers you would like to use within a campaign, consider the potential audience sizes of each group within each tier as well as your total campaign budget. The potential audience size of each segment will help guide you with regards to the size of the budget you can dedicate to an audience, while the total campaign budget will help guide you with regards to how many tiers are required to avoid high ad frequencies and to meet daily budget pacing. For example, low budget campaigns could only use tiers 1 and 2, and as budgets increase, 3rd tier targeting may need to be introduced.

Tiered targeting also allows you to deliver segment relevant creative to each audience and bid appropriately for that particular audience. For example, the creative and message you deliver to your existing customers or website visitors would be different to how you communicate to a non-customer who has never visited your website.

Exclusion Targeting

Tiered campaign targeting requires exclusion targeting to avoid reach duplication and ensure that you are optimising a campaign on true performance.

Simply put, you need to exclude audiences from each other. For example, let’s say ad set 1 is targeting your existing customer Custom Audience (CA), and ad set two is targeting your website visitors via a WCA, ad set 2 should exclude ad set 1s audience.Let’s say you introduce a 1% Lookalike Audience as a 3rd ad set, this ad set should exclude both existing customers and those that visited your website.

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