1. Check your Targeting

You may want to decrease or increase your audience range or even expand to a new audience. Many businesses use Facebook ads to target interests exclusively. However, keep in mind that targeting behaviors pays off more often than not.

2. Update your Creative

  • Use carousel instead of single image formats
  • Try video instead of image, or vice cersa
  • Use Slideshow for non feature phone users

Make sure you're using the A/B testing functionality on meedee8. Images are the most important element of your ads and the number-one factor when people decide whether to click a post. Test out different images and find the ones that maximize your click-through rate and conversions.

3. Update your Bidding

You may want to increase or decrease your bidding depending on your changes to the audience. Advertisers often bid in a way less than what would be optimal for them. In many cases, increasing bids may be the most effective way to increase delivery and profit. If you do not know the true value of a conversion or have a budget constrained campaign, you can also use Facebook’s automatic bidding.

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