A Tracking Pixel allows you to;

Track events – such as add to cart,purchase, checkout and more
Build audiences – of people showing intent or interested in certain categories, or high valued customers
Optimise for ROI – focus in business ROI vs clicks
Retarget – show more contextual ads to the audiences you have built, lower your costs
Get insight – about how people use your website

How the Applications work together

Facebook Pixel Code
Pixel code is a code that can track conversions and build audiences for your ad campaigns�

Tag Manager
Tag Manager allows you to store and manage your tracking codes. It triggers without editing them in your site’s code. Once you’ve mapped the variables from your website, you can track the events like AddtoCart andPurchase

The Website Data Layer
The website data layer holds data about your products in a structured way so that it can be passed to other apps. To run retargeting campaigns you will need at the very least, productID

The Custom Audience
Once your pixel is implemented, it will collect information about your visitors who visit your website so you can retarget them. A standard event code will allow cross selling and up selling.

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