Memorability is key

Creative matters more in the social news feed than it does in any other context because of its contextual relevance. A user's newsfeed is their personal window to the world,  they choose what they read, what they engage with and who they wish to follow.

Add to this, the decline of organic content, and you can’t count on reaching your audience with anything less than inspiring and engaging storytelling.

Did you know?

Maximizing reach improves return on ad spend by 70% or more and that less than 1% of sales are driven by clicks. On average, 99% of sales are driven by reach, not by clicks. This means memorability is key and the key to memorability is the emotive factor.

Remember the animated newspaper from Harry Potter? Essentially, this is today’s Facebook newsfeed, a relevant,constantly moving creative canvas.

If you want your audience to engage with content, it needs to be newsfeed relevant. Did you know tech, entertainment and travel are the most engaged categories onFacebook?

Consider this when creating content for your audience.

Technology + Creative = ROI

The factors that make a campaign successful are relatively simple, it’s all about the right objective coupled with the right audience with the right creative.

Remember to choose the call-to-action that best aligns with your campaign objective 

Video consumption on smartphones has increased year-on-year in South Africa by 42%. 

85% of internet users in SA have a smartphone and access the internet via mobile. 74% of feature phone users are planning to upgrade to a smartphone. 

So make sure to optimise your video creative for mobile!

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