The first step in driving response is understanding a typical sales funnel;

Specific industries typically focus on specific objectives;

FMCG - Sales
eCommerce  - Check out / CTR
Insurance - LTV of a customer
Other - conversions

For this reason you may want to consider running different campaigns in accordance with the funnel. For example you may run a Reach & Frequency before running a Lead Ads campaign.

Use a structured approach to storytelling

Ultimately all ads are created to deliver ROI and drive performance, however the best results come from a seamless story that stretches from brand to Retail.

Creative Matters

Stick to one strong focal point
Have a clear Call to Action (CTA)
Use your brand personality
Create emotional rewards
Create informational reward
Mirror creative to where your audience is in the sales funnel
A/B test

Use the Metrics that Matter

Choose the right metrics that correlate to your business objectives.

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