We have four possible options for delivering leads into your business for Facebook Lead Ads

  1. Email
  4. HTML Form 

Email integration

From the above the easiest is usually Email, it is simply a matter of getting a destination address and giving each field on the Facebook form a label in the mail body. That said, email is probably the least reliable method. It is difficult to accurately determine successful delivery. 


REST API is a bit more technical, but it boils down to getting a URL (web address) and the list of parameters to submit with the url.The facebook form fields will be the paramater values passed along. 

All we would need from you is the REST API Url, endpoint and names of parameters. It will be 1 end point for now and the parameters will be the lead fields/information e.g. Name, Surname, Email, Mobile, etc. These fields can be any fields and any naming convention. 


SOAP requires the client to provide us with an XML schema or WSDL (Web Service Description Language, a definition or spec for function names and parameters) 


HTML Form is akin to our lead gen service actually filling in and "clicking" submit on a form on the client web site. To implement this we need the HTML source code of the form we will have to fill in. From the above Email is the only option where we cant specify a success message, an option in the config that allows the system to look for an acknowledgment of receipt from the client system.This option is used in the log files to mark a lead as a certain successful delivery.

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