When you log into meedee8, your first screen is that of the dashboard where you will see in the top left how many campaigns you are running.
You will also see how much you've spent for the period which can be changed on the top right-hand side.

Hover your mouse over the running campaigns or total spend to see a further breakdown of these items. 

Additional information available on the dashboard includes;

  • Spend per day I.e. the amount of money spent per day in the period
  • Spend by Objective I.e. Objectives could include Reach & Frequency, Video Views, Leads, Web Clicks, Post Engagement and even Likes
  • Impressions per Day I.e. The total number of times the ads in the campaigns have been served. For Example One user may see an ad 3 times which then counts as 3 impressions
  • Under Performing Campaigns I.e. Campaigns that are not reaching their KPI's at a particular point in time. This campaign may need some adjustment in order to ensure performance. 
  • Under Pacing Campaigns I.e. The full budget has not been spent at that point in time in the campaign. This campaign may need to have changes made to optimise by changing the bidding and / or targeting.
  • Notifications which will notify you of ads that have not been approved or of ad sets that need optimising
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