When running campaigns in meedee8 you are able to setup goals for your campaigns. This will allow you to track your progress and results and manage your budget allocations correctly.

Setting up goals when creating a campaign

On step 2 of the create flow you can enter Goal and Goal Value.

Goal -
this is the volume you are trying to acquire. Eg. if you are running a website conversion campaign to a form on your website to collect leads then goal is say 1000 leads. If you acquiring app installs your goal may be 5000 say installs.

Goal Value - this is the cost per acquisition goal. Eg. for your 1000 website conversion you may think a good goal value is $15 cost per conversion. For your 5000 app installs you may thing $2 per app install the the right goal value.

Adding or editing goals in an existing campaign

To add or edit goals of an existing campaign click, in the top menu go to Campaigns->View campaigns, select your account in the blue drop down and then click on your campaign. Once the campaign is loaded click on the little pencil next to goal and add/edit your goal and goal value.

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