What are Custom Audiences?

Custom Audiences allow you to leverage off users you already know. You can create these audiences from a number of sources, including:

  • Customer lists (for example, you can use the email addresses and mobile numbers of existing customers, your mail list, etc, to find these users on FB for targeting)
  • Website Traffic (this allows you to build lists of users that have visited your website for remarketing via a Website Custom Audience, or WCA)
  • App Activity (creating a CA based on this allows you to create a list of people who have taken a specific action on your app)

How to create a Custom Audience

To create a CA:

  • Click on the “Audiences” tab in meedee8
  • Click on the blue “Add” button, and then “Custom audience” from the drop down
  • Select “Custom Audience” or “Website Custom Audience Verified” under “Type”
  • Enter a “Name” and “Description” for your CA or WCA
  • For a Custom Audience, select the option relevant to the data you are uploading, such as email address or mobile numbers. Upload your .csv or .txt file and “Save”.
  • For a website Custom Audience (WCA), select the users you would like to include in the audience, such as all website visitors or users who have visited certain pages. You can also specify the number of days to be included in the WCA (up to 180 days).

Popimedia Top Tip

Segment you Custom Audiences based on the nature of your business. For example, you could create a CA of your most profitable or High LTV customers into one audience, regular customers, or even customers that have not purchased within a certain time period. Your creative and copy would be different for each of these audiences.

When creating Website Custom Audiences (WCAs), you can base an audience on when they last visited your website, and if they took a desired action. For example, an online retailer could create a WCA of users who have added a product to their cart over the last 7 days, but not purchased the product, and deliver ads to them to remind them to checkout and help move them down the sales funnel.

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