Login to meedee8 with the credentials you would have received by email.

After logging in you will be taken to the following authentication screen, click on Facebook Authenticate as per red highlighting below (if you are adding a Twitter Ad Account the below instructions apply):

You will then be asked to allow Facebook permissions. YOU MUST ALLOW ALL permissions, you will see 2 allow screens, please allow all:

Once all permissions allowed you will be taken to Account Management screen. This is where you can manage your accounts, where you pull them in one at a time. Select your account from the dropdown list.

You must then select a client - for now type in your brand where you will see a suggestion box of the name - please click it. Select a suitable vertical i.e. industry for this account and click add:

Each ad account may take some time to pull in. The warning message warns about this so after click OK on the warning message please leave this to run for several minutes.

Once you are done pulling in your accounts you can navigate to view campaigns from top menu (Campaigns->View Campaigns) where you can select the relevant ad account in blue dropdown and start monitoring and managing your campaigns. Note - please do not do this while you are still pulling in ad accounts from previous step.

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